Deborah Miller an Author

Deborah Miller an Entrepreneur, Author and Designer

Deborah Miller
Deborah Miller’s birth name was Deborah Diane Kuykendall, but everyone just calls her Debbie.

Her current name is a common name. Whenever she would sign up for a new account she was told many times “Do you know how many Deborah Miller’s” there are?

Her name is common, BUT she not a common person. She is her own unique living soul.

Deborah is a self-starter and an independent person.

Being a business owner and operating her own businesses through the years has helped her to understand the need for good customer service.

Most of her business were hobbies and things that inspired her. Deborah raised rabbits for show and pets for 15 years. She helped get Ferrets legal in the state of Michigan.

Deborah Miller served as the Vice President of the Great Lake Ferret Association for 10 years and was their newsletter editor for several years.

Deborah Miller has been an avid pet lover since a very young age. Her life has always been filled with a cat or dog.

Deborah is a firm believer, if you give out good, it will come back, maybe not right away, but it will when you least expect it…just keep paying it forward!

Deborah Miller is a graphics person. Graphics and artwork means many things to her. It’s a passion, an obsession, a stress reliever, sparks her imagination, fills losses, builds joys, and gives her a sense of accomplishment.

Deborah Miller has been designing graphics and websites for several years. She started managing a personal site in 1998 called Fascinating Ferrets. Deborah now offer’s content management websites, custom book covers for kindle and paper back books for self publishers.

Deborah research Amazon niche marketing for a few years, this led her to create a website offering custom designs for others to setup their own Amazon affiliate stores. Deborah Miller has added being a published author to her many other achievements. Her mind is always thinking outside the box for that perfect book to offer to her readers.

Deborah Miller’s Personal Side:

She is easy to get a long with and makes friends readily.
Does not smoke and she is not into drinking.
She is a self-sufficient person and in her own way a rebel.
She enjoys her freedom, but can also be a very giving loving person. Deborah does not like to be dominated.
Ask her to do something and she most likely will,” just depends on what you ask” but if you demand it….well you will see her stubborn streak.

Things Deborah Miller enjoys are:

Writing, Cooking, Reading, Gardening, Restoring Antiques, Garage Sales, Flea Markets, Walking, Raising German Shepherds, Cats- She helped rescue cats since a young age. Photography a long with home remolding projects are also a few things she enjoys.

Deborah Miller can be:
and she has a Sense of Humor

Things she dislikes: False People

Through her life’s journey with the many interests and hobbies she has enjoyed, many people have come into her life. There have been nice people, good people, positive people, negative people and false people.

What does she mean by false people? Well, the people who pretend to be something they are not.

People who lie to achieve something. People who will tell you what you want to hear and then do a total back flip once they have your trust. Lessons in life can be tough, BUT if you remain strong and keep climbing the hill of life you will be rewarded.

Many times Deborah Miller has been at the bottom of the hill looking up and thinking will she ever get to the top?

The answer is yes, she is not at the top of the hill yet, but she is working on it. Just a few more positive steps and she will make her goal of being on the top of the hill. What is it Deborah Miller is seeking at the top of the Hill? Well, she is seeking “Security, Independence, Freedom, Choices, Peace of Mind and Happiness”.

Just remember if “There is a Will……..There is a Way”.


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